Family Me

We all need that sprout of hope with what’s happening in our world right now. Hope that the curve will flatten and numbers will lessen, if not stop. Hope in our hearts. Hope for our family. Hope for our faith. Faith, that all of those who have been infected will be cured soon and that, together, we will overcome this virus.

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Family Me Philippines

This is the time to be with our families. Reconnect with them, have fun with them, and just being physically with them. Time to read a book, to pursue your passion, to think about your dreams, to strengthen your relationship with God, and time to reset.

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In sports, it is defined as the act of hindering or stopping of an opponent’s movement or action. Since UAAP Volleyball Season 82 is just around the corner, I want to give justice, relevance, and support for these athletes who are not given those, plus, I can’t wait for my favorite volleybelles to battle it […]

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