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Last night, September 11, 2011 at around 10:30PM, GMA News and Public Affairs had a documentary about the Philippine Treasure and yes, I watched it.

While I was watching the documentary, I felt a lot of emotions. I was happy, sad, excited, worried.

Happy, I get to see what our ancestors have done and it shows that before any Philippine Invasion, are ancestors have the knowledge of carving, weaving, molding, etc. And that the Philippines was a force yet to be acknowledged. And I get to see the “family-heirloom” of the Philippines.

Sad, because some of the treasures are broken(but hey, they are in the custody of the Philippine Government), some of them are missing, some are not in the custody of the Philippine Government. And most especially, we (the Filipino People) won’t be able to continue our ancestors’ legacy, the “family-heirloom” will not be passed onto the next generation.

Excited and worried at the same time what will happen next? Will the experts be able to combine the broken treasures? Will they able to make it as if nothing has happened? Will the Philippine Government have the custody of the two treasures that are now at Chicago? Will the generation now, be able to pass on the “family-heirloom”? These questions keep running into my mind.

As said on the documentary, 500,000 people ONLY visit the Philippine National Museum, and that includes the foreigner. I mean cmon, we don’t we visit our National Museum BUT we want to visit other country’s museum, sad. If we think we know all our history, well, THINK AGAIN. From the Maitum Jars to the Golden Tara to the burial ceremony. We have tons to learn about our colorful history. This is why, I want all of my readers/followers, to please visit the Philippine National Museum, surely  you won’t regret it. 🙂


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