IN MY OPINION. The Fault in Our Stars

In My Opinion

The movie started OK; introduced the characters, setting and a little bit of the problem. Then Hazel met Gus and everything else follows.

My initial reaction after the movie: it wasn’t as whoa as the book. As much as I don’t want to compare the book and movie because of different creative outlet, I just wish that John Green was part of the production, he could have been part of the screenplay team (I checked and he was not there besides that he wrote the book).

There were some parts that I felt sleepy and draggy this could have been avoided if they took these scenes out, for me, it was not that relevant to the story and they could have focused on the story and the relationship of Hazel to her mom, to Gus, and the part wherein they met Van Houten.

Yes, the key parts are there. The lietral heart of Jesus; Hazel meeting Gus; the dates; Always; Hazel experiencing an attack; Okay; Amsterdam; the sex; Gus experiencing an attack. But the story of the whole movie wasn’t enough, I didn’t feel it. They could have pushed it a little further. Hazel’s pain, though it was portrayed very shortly, was not enough. And it was very much stated in the book and movie, that pain demands to be felt.

Overall,  I’d give it a 6/10.

Useful tip: if you haven’t read the book and you’re planning to watch it. Don’t read the book yet. Read it after watching it.

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