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It’s been two years since I last posted on my DailyServings, missing it for two years makes it contrary to the title of the blog and it being served daily. I’ve missed my naive days that I can just right anything and everything under the sun, to be me and no one would really care and/or judge me, the days where I just share bits and pieces of my life, and to actually share my life to the world – how boring or exciting it may be.

After being on hiatus of two years because of personal reasons. It made me wonder, is it really worth it? Yes. 

During my hiatus, I’ve realized that this is what I like and passionate about and I should pursue it. It will be a long process, but I know that I’ll get better and probably attract more readers and some bashers, I guess. Also, I’ve explored a different platform from blogging, Instagram.

Instagram makes me (and the world) post content real time and easier. Since I’m back in posting my OOTDs, food, new restaurants in old places, designspirations, quotes, my escapades, #heyjagzconquers, and the things I see from my perspective, Instagram will be my avenue to post real time content.

Realizing that it’s hard to maintain both Instagram and DailyServings, I’ve used Instagram more.

Although I’ve been away and on Instagram, I know I still have the drive to write; and looking back on my “blogger post” posts – brought me back to my senses, that hey, you love writing, you love this and why stop? I’m sure that one to no one reads my blogs, I don’t mind, I just need a venue to write all these crazy ideas I have in mind – from OOTDs of a plus size man and how to look thin in photos without editing just by knowing your right angles, to all these daily struggle that a commuter experience, to eating and dining like its fiesta everyday, to food/TV shows/movie reviews, my design works or just plain random thought that I want to share.

I’m a graphic designer by profession and design and arts is what I live by, and blogging is not new in this field, or in any other field, I may say. I am and may not be the best out there but I try to be best and be better from my previous artwork. And I insert my favorite quote here from Walt Disney: We keep moving forward.

To end this, what I’m try to say is that I should get back on posting content – I’ll try it to be relevant. And writing will always be part of me, no matter how naive it’ll be. But like what I’ve said this is my venue to be just me. Welcome to heyjagz’s DailyServings and Instagram posts! Yeah, I’ll be

Oh and hey, did I mention that today marks my seventh year as a corporate juggernaut, if I may say so? Happy seven to me! So the seven-year itch begins.