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Family Me

On my way home after Sunday morning mass, I saw this kid, a millennial kid, sweeping the front yard of their house – seeing it reminded me of how simple things used to way back then. Coincidentally, when I got home, my dad was playing 60’s love songs. I was looking where the music is coming from since our radio is busted, and  we didn’t really had it fixed because its easier to listen from our phones since we have all these music applications.

It then reminded me how our Sundays used to be – Sunday mass, family breakfast, prepare lunch while listening to good ‘ol music, family lunch, Sunday siesta, merienda, prepare dinner, family dinner. It was Sunday slow down. It was Sunday family day and I love it. It was simple, traditional Filipino family, and we actually talked with each other. It was our way to disconnect from the world.

I had to stress out the millennial kid sweeping their front yard because the fact that, most of the, millennials, nowadays, would rather be in front of their gadgets and play all day long than to do household chores. Its funny how our teachers would teach us to help our parents do household chores; we got the idea, but we would only do it because we had to-because our teachers would check on us, or our teachers would give us extra points in our final grade because we help in the household chores-not because we want to lend our parents our extra pair of hands.

It’s sad to know the fact that we quickly forget the values our teachers have taught us, I guess because of the evolving world. We are so excited to catch up on these advancements that we tend to forget our roots, of who we really are.

Over the weekend, I tried my best not to use any gadget to catch up on my rest and with my dad. I wanted to disconnect from all to refresh my mind and body from all the work I had done over the last week and to prepare myself for another grueling week to come. But alas, I failed, I remembered that I had to do some work and we had our family dinner/ triple celebration Saturday night. The dinner was good, I must say, and Ompong didn’t stop us from the buffet table. It was our Saturday family day.

Let me end here as I’m about to prepare lunch with my dad.

Happy Sunday, Manila!