ON ME. Fight or Flight

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Fight or Flight?

I’ve recently came across Jollibee’s ad – One True Pair: Fight or Flight. Basically the ad shows a flight attendant and a passenger came across each other and they’ve developed an understanding between them. The question now is if they can maintain that relationship and develop it into something deeper. Jollibee Studios posted this question as their teaser: Can a chance encounter between Ley, a flight attendant, and JC, a passenger, develop into a lasting relationship?

I’ve posted the same question on my Facebook page and there were three who answered: the first one is depends, the second is flight, the third is fight. Let’s focus on the first one – Depends and she elaborated: If it’s going to ruin more relationships, then flight. Better to just forgive para may true peace ka. She has a point. If the relationship is no longer working and you’ve tried to work things out but nothing is happening, better to make amends and move on.

I guess this is why TOTGA, ran away. The sad part there is that there was no working things out happened – the relationship just ended – and I was willing to fight just to save the relationship – I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual. Which brings me to this part, the relationship that ended faster than a speed of light. May be because we had different priorities that the we both are not yet ready and the relationship just suffered. But at least I know that we tried working things out, but it just didn’t worked out the way we wanted to.

It has been years since my website was published online, at first it was just a requirement for my web class, way back college. And my first few posts was just so naive that reading through it was just plain funny. But now, I see it differently, it has a different purpose in my life. I was able to find a new outlet through my blog.

Through this blog, I just say random things and just pour out my thoughts and my emotions on whatever is happening in my life or, whatever I seem worth sharing. It may not always be on point as the other blogs or it may seem narcissist because it basically revolves around me. But who cares, right? I am writing because I need to do this for myself. Do I see it as my bread and butter? For now, not yet as I need to learn more on writing – the technical side of it. But I know that I am slowly getting the hang of it and slowly, I am creating content for my blog that hopefully I can share worldwide.

Going back to the question Jollibee Studios asked, and if I’m going to ask my self that question, if I should fight or I should fly? I think this time, it’s about time for me to fly and explore things, you can say that the battle was won but it’s hard fighting it with two or three on your side. But let’s see what will happen if I continue fighting.