ON ME. Celebration

Family Me

“I’m tired” this was my “rant” everyday for the past few weeks, and the past weekend was just the culmination of all that I’ve been doing. Mind you, it was all worth it.

Two weeks ago, I was advised by my ear doctor not to fly or else I’m risking my ear drums to pop and have an ear operation. So my flight to Brunei tonight, didn’t push through. I won’t be flying to Hong Kong this weekend, and I can’t make it to Cebu, second week of December for our seminar there. It was saddening, but, I guess this is His way of saying to me: “Jagz, you need to rest. Your body can’t take it anymore.”

On November 23, I was given this huge responsibility of being my best friend’s Man of Honor. Weird to some, but it is actually not new in western countries. This shows the connection between the bride and her guy best friend is so strong that she is willing to have a Man of Honor, but of course the Maid of Honor won’t be omitted.

The wedding was intimate, solemn, and I’m usually good at hiding my tears during weddings, but at my best friend’s wedding, I was in tears. Because I witnessed her transform from a timid, shy little girl into a strong lady that she is right now. And I was willing to put myself in front of a camera, so that her growing up photo slideshow will be different, and it was a challenge for me because I’m not usually in front of the camera.

I was, again, back in tears after watching her wedding’s SDE for the second time. And I ask myself: Why am I so affected? Because I consider her my family. We’ve known each other since we were in diapers and our relationship just grew, as time passed by. And we value our families so much that we are willing to do anything just for our families.

On November 24, it was the first birthday celebration of the youngest member of the family, and he was my God-child. The first birthday was at Rizal Ballroom A, Makati Shangri-La, Manila. Around 170 guests were invited to come, join, and celebrate the first birthday.

The party may be grand but the purpose of it wasn’t taken for granted. It was meaningful, it was a celebration of life, it was a gathering of family and friends who loves and values the newest member of our family.

The weekend may be tiring, two days without enough sleep coming in from a very exhausting work week, but I know it was worth it, I was with the people who I value most, and the people who value me most. It was a gathering of people who celebrate life, love, and happiness. And we sharing the same set of values that makes our bond even stronger. And, if you’re going to ask me what I’ll choose? I’d choose my family over you, whenever, wherever, and whatever the time it may be.