ON ME. 3.0

Family Me

Just like last year I opted to stay at home and be a “Tito” on the evening of my birthday. Well, I am too tired, anyway, from work and I need and want to catch up on my rest; and thought writing this birthday blog because today was memorable. Three unforgettable things that made Thirty a more interesting one.

I welcomed my birthday inside a UV Express van, stuck in traffic.

Left the office at around 7pm – Happy Friends invited to have a dinner and just to catch up because we haven’t had the time to catch up. But the catch is I am on standby to work because we had to release an announcement that we have new thought leadership materials and these are already available in our website. But before we can actually release this announcement it has to go through series of approval.

Good thing we were able to release the announcement before the turn of day.

Luckily, earlier that day my colleagues surprised me by singing a birthday song and a by giving me a cake. I’m not really into surprises and big gestures publicly, but this one’s a good one. I didn’t feel any hint from them that they were planning this – or may be I was just too focused on my work that I wasn’t able to pay attention to them.

I underwent CT Scan

Last November, I was diagnosed of nasopharyngitis and I was advised not to fly, this is the reason why I wasn’t able to join the group’s overseas team building. After one week, the meds did its job but the result wasn’t what we wanted to have. So I was advised by my doctor to have it biopsied so we would know what we are dealing with, but I have to undergo series of tests before I can actually go through the biopsy. And one of these tests was the CT Scan.

It was my first time to see this machine and I acted a little child when I entered the room – I was amazed and I wanted to take a photo of the machine or a photo of me during the procedure. But they didn’t allow me, so this picture will do.

Photo from Makati Medical Center’s website

A simple dinner with my Dad.

After my CT Scan, I had my last batch of Christmas shopping. I was in the mall for, I guess, two hours then I was in hurry going home because I was running after the 6pm mass. I was in the church around 550pm, just in time for the mass only to find out that the 6pm mass won’t push through to make way for the Simbang Gabi at 8pm. Went home had a simple dinner with my Dad and went back to the church for the 8pm mass.

The day was full and it wasn’t a typical day for a birthday. May be gone were the days when I had my birth day fully planned full of get together, lunch, dinner. But I had breakfast earlier with a colleague. I’m on the stage that simple is better and I want to spend it with the right people – my family.

And before the clock strikes 12 and my birth day is officially over, I want to thank everyone who remembered me on my birthday or simply who remembered my birthday.

I was hoping for my plot twist of the decade, but I guess, it’s not yet my time – and we are still figuring things out. May be during my 3.0, I’ll have my plot twist, but whenever it may be, I know He has something in store for me and He is preparing me for great things.

2019 has been great and I am ready to face the new decade. Hoping that it will be better to everyone.

Have a Joyous Christmas and a Prosperous New Year, everyone!