ON ME. Plot twist.

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Lately I’ve been watching these tear jerker short films I can find in Facebook, I guess this is my way of coping up with my emotions, and to keep me sane from all of these stress.


During lunch, my dad and I were watching reruns of Eat Bulaga!, then a part of it was their segment of Bawal Judgmental it was aired last 7 December 2019 and it was about HIV/AIDS.

The one thing that struck me the most is when Kael’s mom found out that he is HIV+ and she just hugged him real tight, and, Kael, missing his mom’s hug, just absorbed the hug and all of his pain and weariness just vanished. Note that he just revealed that he is HIV+, to his family, last 5 December 2019, 2 days before his feature on national television. I want to quote Kael because these are very powerful words: “Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam na ang sagot sa akin ng mga pinsan ko, sino sila at sino ka ba, sino ba ang mas mahalaga? Yun yung part na yun, I decided sige sasama ako sa Eat Bulaga, kasi gusto ko ipakita sa lahat na ang isang taong may HIV ay hindi less na tao. Ang isang taong may HIV, ay pwedeng mamuhay ng normal katulad ninyo. Hindi kami disabled, hindi kami dapat pandirihan, yes may pagkakamali kami pero hindi enough para ituring kaming less. At kung may isang bagay akong sasabihin sa lahat, yung yakap ni mama, yun yung nagpawala sa lahat ng pagod ko. At the end of the day, i-discriminate ako, layuan ako ng lahat, I know paguwi ko sa bahay meron akong nanay na nagmamahal sa akin at mahal ko din. Guys, HIV is not a disability, yes it can kill our immunity but never our humanity.” (Watch the full episode below for the full story.)

Video from Eat Bulaga’s! YouTube page


Let me connect, Kael’s mom’s hug to my best friend. Earlier today, my dad had his lab test, while I was waiting for my dad to finish his tests, my best friend forwarded a photo of a pregnancy test and it is indicated that it is positive and that she is pregnant. I seriously cannot contain myself, but I had to contain it because I was in a clinic. We were messaging each other saying that we will see and hug baby soon, and that we will have a gender reveal. My eyes slowly became teary, but I had to compose and remind myself that I am out and that I cannot cry.

I realized that the reason I am very emotional with my best friend is because we, basically, grew up together, I saw her transform from a shy little girl to a strong independent woman she is now. And honestly, I had a crush on her way back when.


Some may have their plot twist of the year, or of the decade. While some, they are still waiting for their plot twist. As for me, I may have not experienced it and I really don’t mind. I mentioned in my previous blog that I was hoping for my plot twist of the decade, but I guess, it’s not yet my time – and we are still figuring things out or maybe by February 2020, I’ll have my own plot twist. I don’t know when it will happen, but I know He is preparing me when it happens.

To my friends who were with me through my ups and downs, thank you! Let’s all face 2020, head on.

Sorry to all whom I have offended, in one way or another. Remember that I will always be here for you no matter what, and that I will always love you.

Before I end this blog, and before the turn of the decade, I wish everyone a Prosperous New Year, and let us all patiently wait for our plot twist in 2020.