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The year just started and a lot of things have happened in a span of 19 days. It just shows that 2020 will be a year to be remembered and this is how we start the decade, right? Start it with a bang, and personally, this is how I started it or at least how people closest to my heart have started it for me.

As we wait for another angel be part of the family, we will be showering him with gifts this afternoon. Material gifts that will help his parents while he is in his first few days/weeks/months. And we will shower him and the happy couple with love, support, joy, and most especially the gift of family. A celebration of life to welcome another bundle of joy.

One of my closest girl friends is expecting an angel late this year, she officially announced it to our circle of friends last 14 January. Another life is waiting to be born and much love is waiting for this another angel.

Do you remember my best friend got married last November? And she got her plot twist of 2019 when she got pregnant before 2019 ended? Yeah that one. She turns 30 today. I hope and pray that all her wishes, aspirations, and dreams come true; and I want to her know that she is beautiful inside and outside. Today, we are celebrating two lives – my best friend’s and her soon to be baby.

Taal Volcano eruption. Alert level 1 was raised last March 2019, may be we were to preoccupied that time that we didn’t pay much attention to it. I can’t blame anyone for this, since it was just alert level 1, may be we thought that it was nothing. But when the alert level was raised from alert level 1 to alert level 4 in just a few hours last 13 January, we all caught off-guard. We were running for lives, some were quick to respond while others were hesitant to leave their house. But because of the mandatory evacuation, they were forced to do so. Let us not forget our pets, the ones who were with us through our ups and downs; the ones who carried us to se the crater of Taal. It was just saddening that 1% of the total population of the horses in Taal were saved. It is sad to think about it, but these horses have lost their lives because their owners weren’t able to save them.

Photo from The Philippine Star.

Let us all remember that we all have our own battles to attend to, and just because one doesn’t have time to volunteer on relief operations, it doesn’t mean that this person is not capable of helping people in need, let us always remember that being a volunteer is not supposedly to be forced into a person. For all we know, this person is doing charity work without telling the world that he is doing it. Stop with the bashing and the hatred and let’s just all pray that Taal Volcano will stop with these phreatic eruptions and hope that everyone is safe.

So much have had happened in the first three weeks of the decade and we are not stopping there, well, as for me. I am not stopping there. Yeah, I’ve had a slow start but that’s not the point right, and you don’t have to tell the world about it. What matters is that I’ve started it and I know that I’ll finish it successfully. Just like the what Jim George said: “It’s not how you start that’s important, but how you finish!”