In sports, it is defined as the act of hindering or stopping of an opponent’s movement or action. Since UAAP Volleyball Season 82 is just around the corner, I want to give justice, relevance, and support for these athletes who are not given those, plus, I can’t wait for my favorite volleybelles to battle it again in the court and get that championship back to where it belongs.

Creative block, you may term it in my case.

Creative block is defined as barriers to inspiration and it can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity. In my previous blog, I’ve mentioned that I’ve had a slow start. Honestly, I am having a slow start for the year, contrary on how the people closest to my heart have started their year, and this is not the way I want to start my year. You may say that my stars are not yet aligned, thus I can’t focus on the things that I need to do, so, I can’t finish them.

Looking at it, it’s not that the stars that’s not aligned, I was demotivated.

I thought I was just being lazy, I was wrong, I was demotivated. They say that being lazy ends the conversation and promotes self-hate, while being demotivated suggests that there is a source and it can be fixed.

Looking back, I was demotivated because of the things that has been said. Words that should have been left unsaid, but It was said anyway. It shouldn’t have affected me, but it did; I felt that it attacked my capacity to help, and in return, it affected how I do things at work – I was sluggish – I wasn’t myself.

I needed a spark plug to get me going; I needed to have new things to explore and new learnings to discover. And there was, I had to analyze the web metrics of my employer’s website – it’s different from what I am used to, and it didn’t matter because I know this will fire me up and get me out of my demotivated stage – it did help me get out, a little. Then I realized that have unfinished project that I had to deliver – my website. I have been planning to refresh my website, we’ve started it last year, but during the refresh of the website, we had to pause. I had to pause. I guess, that pause served good – it was the spark plug I needed for me to be myself, again; and now we are launching because it is fitting that I launch the refresh look today, Chinese New Year. Thanks to my friend, Simon Lim. I was able to refresh my website in time for the celebration.

Along with the fresh look of my website, I, myself has been refreshed; I know that I am ready to get back on track and do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Officially, today marks the start of The Year of the Metal Rat, I am claiming that this year, will be my year – new beginning, new location, and a new environment for a fresh start. I will reach new heights. I will focus on the things that are closest to me. I will focus on myself.

Before the day ends, and before I get totally drunk in my friend’s wedding, I wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai. And please, Gei wo tikoy.