Family Me Philippines

It’s only the third month of the year and we have gone through a lot. 

The first month was just a jackpot for us, and what a way to start the year, or should I say decade, right?

It started with the Taal Volcation (Taal) eruption last 12 January 2020. Though it was reported last March 2019 that Phivolcs had recorded 50 volcanic earthquakes and alert level was raised to alert level 1. The sad thing is, even though, it was reported we didn’t do something — we didn’t prepare. The movement of Taal was monitored closely and on an hourly basis because of the severity of the situation. 

Then the first COVID-19 case was reported last 30 January 2020, 4 days after Phivolcs downgraded Taal’s status to alert level 3. 

Since the COVID-19 cases have been rising, and as of writing, there are 217 confirmed cases, here in the Philippines, and a total of 221,290 worldwide. Registering a total of 8,997 deaths, worldwide, and 17 here in the Philippines. Let’s not forget the brighter side of things, out of the 221,290, there are 94,782 cases closed out of the 94,782, 85,785 recovered and have been discharged — that’s 91%! Here in the Philippines, we have 8 patients who have recovered and have been discharged.

With all that’s happening here in the Philippines, the government has placed the country under national calamity and an enhanced community quarantine, or lockdown (for me), to lessen the transmission of COVID-19.

If you’re going to look at it, this is the right time to go back to the basics and let Mother Earth rest, let her recuperate from all of our man-made destruction, and just let her reset. But let us keep in mind that after all of these, we must not go back with a vengeance. 

As for us, this is the perfect time to have balance between work and life. 
Time in during the prescribed work hours and time out after eight hours. Be efficient during the eight hours: complete your tasks so that after your work, you can do the things you want to pursue personally, not thinking of work and the email and chat you’ll receive after the work hours.

This is the time to be with our families. Reconnect with them, have fun with them, and just being physically with them. Time to read a book, to pursue your passion, to think about your dreams, to strengthen your relationship with God, and time to reset.

We always say that time is gold. As for me this is the golden time to reorganize our thoughts and know our priorities. Because we’ll never know when our time is up.