Family Me

Second week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is done and another two weeks is upon us. Like most of you, I am, bored and I am tired of staying at home the whole day, I guess you can say that I miss the “Makati-ambiance”. Note, though, I miss the ambiance, not necessarily the people, and working from home is more tiring than going to Makati to work. You wake up, do your morning routine and work, and you won’t be able to do all your “office routine” once you arrive at your work place.

Though bored and tired of being at home, and being the ultimate “sacrifice” of the household (I am the only person allowed to go out of the house because of this ECQ) , I am making the most of it. I am learning how to cook, yeah, I’ve probably cooked five dishes so far, to others three different dishes is nothing, but this is a small win for me. I have started to read a book, and I am planning to finish this before the ECQ ends. I’ve started gardening.

I just want to share my small wins.

Wet market. So I’ve been going to the wet market lately and it is tiring but fulfilling. Since the quarantine, on weekends, I wake up early, than the usual, to go to the wet market buy all the chicken and fish (yes – my dad is not allowed to eat pork and beef, for health reasons) we need for the week. Then I cook our food for our lunch, so far, I’ve cooked Chicken Afritada, Chicken Curry, Broccoli with mushroom, Sautéed vegetable pear (Ginisang sayote), Pork sinigang (yeah, dad requested to eat pork and since this is my favorite, he knows that I wouldn’t say no). So to all the millennials and Gen Z out there, I hope that you can go with our parents in the wet market, because, trust me, you’ll need it someday. To the Gen X and Baby boomers, give us time in learning and adjusting to this, knowing that in next coming weeks or months, we will get the hang of this.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. I’ve started reading this book, I guess, a year ago. But I never finished it, and I am targeting is to start and finish this before ECQ ends, hopefully, work won’t be as demanding compared to the last few weeks.

Gardening. I don’t know the name of the plant below, I just noticed that I started sprouting, since that day, I said to myself that I will take care of this sprout and let it grow.

My small wins were my hopes, my action plans, and slowly I am able to achieve these. I am not going to and I don’t want to rush this because I know I’ll be able to achieve these successfully.

Before I end my blog and before the ECQ ends, I want to thank our front liners, our live savers: the nurses, the doctors, the healthcare workers, the policemen, the janitors, and all of you guys. You are sacrificing your health just to fulfill your duties. And with that I salute you guys.

We all need that sprout of hope with what’s happening in our world right now. Hope that the curve will flatten and numbers will lessen, if not stop. Hope in our hearts. Hope for our family. Hope for our faith. Faith, that all of those who have been infected will be cured soon and that, together, we will overcome this virus.

Before I totally turn off my phone, my laptop, and disconnect from the world, well for the day, I want to greet everyone a Happy Sunday! Hope that you are enjoying your rest day Sunday!