Me Philippines

Lately, I have been saying “Tiwala lang” (Have faith) to my friends who are asking for my advice/opinion with the situation that therein. I’ve also said it to my neighbor a couple of times because she is already agitated because we haven’t received any relief pack from our LGU and it’s already the third week of the ECQ.

Third week of the ECQ and it starts today, Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday marks the start of the culmination of the Lenten Season. The Lenten Season is a Catholic liturgical season consisting of forty days of fasting, prayer, and penitence beginning at Ash Wednesday. For me, I’ve always believed that, it is the time of sacrifice.

Ever since I can remember, I try to sacrifice something for 40 days and in the process of actually eliminating, if possible, this in my system. This year, well for the past two years, I guess the biggest sacrifice I’ve given up are my “wants”. As much as possible, all things that I buy has a purpose or I really need it, not that I want it. My motto for the past two year, “Tiis now, Chill tomorrow”. You can say that this is me, adulting, yes, but also, I’m saving for something big.

Our Faith has been tested, big time, for the past few weeks, or should I say the past months, because of what’s happening to us right now. I guess, this is His way of telling us that our world is deteriorating because of what we are doing, and we should stop doing all of these and start to be part of the solution.

Being part of the solution doesn’t have to be big or grand, and you don’t have to tell the whole world that you are doing this. We don’t need a reason to help, and you can do small things, in your own way, touch a person life and it can multiple a hundred fold. Having faith that this person will also do the same to other people and have a ripple effect. Keeping in mind that change starts from within, so if we really want to change in the world, we must start with ourselves. That humanity will be restored with our small acts of kindness.

Though our Faith has been tested, let us remember that all this will end soon. I have faith that together we will overcome this virus, and that we will see each other again soon. We will be able to enjoy the company of our friends; we will be able to go on our family Sunday lunch; we will be able to go out on dates, celebrate our anniversaries or just go out on a normal date; and most of all, we will be able to go back on our normal routine, remembering what have happened to us for the past few months and not go back there anymore. But for now, let’s all stay at home and help in flattening the curve, and remember that Holy Week has started and this is our chance to get closer to our Gods; it doesn’t matter how you celebrate the Holy Week, it should be at your freewill, knowing that after this you have rekindled the lost conversation, and renewed our ties with Him.