I’ve mentioned in my previous blog that I have been experiencing anxiety attack since the ECQ has started. I had to reassess myself, and ask why was I having these anxiety attacks?

I was so afraid of committing mistake and feeling that you let the team down. I was so focused of me doing something wrong instead of me getting things done and showing that I can do these diligently.  

One of my friends shared his experience at his work. We are, now, living in a world of urgent requests and everyone is pressured by its deadline. There are instances that a colleague will email you a request and after a few seconds this colleague will chat you saying that he has emailed you a request and hoping that you can act on it, since it’s an urgent matter. People are losing their courtesy to wait for the person to reply and acknowledge the email. 

I’ve received a number of comments/feedback from my previous blog and two have caught my attention. 

You need to release the negativity and focus on the positive things. 

I had to redirect energy to accomplish the things I need to accomplish and accept that fact that I cannot control the outcome of my efforts. I needed to refocus and embrace the positive things around me and appreciate my life and surroundings. 

It’s up to you how to turn this around. 

I have to accept that I can’t control the things happening around me and that these things will put me to a test, knowing that I am and will be tested, I have be calm gauge the situation and handle it properly. With this I was able to look after myself and express my emotions accordingly. And that whatever uncertain happens, I need to find my rocks.

I need to take a step back and remember that working for more than eight hours is not healthy. In an article by Huffpost, it is mentioned that working more than 8 hours a day actually makes you get less done. It also states that there have been several studies showing that longer work hours actually cause a decrease in productivity. 

Thinking about it, what if you speak up on the things that cause these anxiety attacks will it be taken against you? Will there be bad blood between you and your immediate supervisors? And are they going to do something about it? What will be the implication/s?

To be honest, I love what I am doing. Yes, it is very challenging but I know that at the end of each project I know that it has brought something good to me and in me.  

This pandemic has brought the best or the worst in us. Now, it’s up to us what side we are going to show to everyone. 

Let us all remember that a healthy body starts with a healthy mind.