Kumu Me Philippines

I’ve had the privilege to watch a friend in her live stream via the Kumu app. In her live stream, she asked the question: What will you do once NCR has lifted the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (mECQ) and is under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ)? One answered that he will go to Hong Kong, one answered that she will go to Watsons, and a number were excited to go to the nearest Samgyupsal and eat. But the real question here is, is NCR ready to go to GCQ? In my understanding, flattening of the curve didn’t happen so why transition to GCQ?

What is Kumu? It is a live streaming app made for the Philippine internet speed. Kumu allows its live streamers to earn money from their viewers. But what sets it apart from other live streaming app is the authentic connection between the streamer and the viewer. And I think that this is the app to watch out for. 

On my Catharsis blog, I’ve mentioned that I have the tendency to overthink things and I’ve read that when one person overthink things it just shows that this person is passionate on the things he is doing. I agree to that, in my case, as much as possible, I do my best in all the things that I do. Maybe I got this from my alma mater – doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. But on the other side, overthinking ruins friendships and relationships. Overthinking creates problems you never had, which I also agree to, as well. Most of the time when I overthink things, I often think of problems that may occur and the possible solution/s to these problems. It may seem that it is good because I anticipate things. The problem to it is, it is affecting my mental health and I am experiencing anxiety attacks. 

In this battle we are all currently in, some are winning and some are losing. It’s not only a battle against COVID-19, but also a battle with our own mental health. I just want to reiterate that a healthy body starts with a health mind.

I am very thankful to my family, friends, colleagues and to my employer who have helped me in this phase. After all this is just small thing that’s happening to me. Looking and hearing with what’s happening around me, their problem is bigger than mine. And I will and have to surrender to our Higher Being all my worries and anxieties. 

Oh, and please follow me on the Kumu app, @heyjagz. Will be streaming live soon!