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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

According to britannica.com, inferiority complex is a psychological sense of inferiority that is wholly or partly unconscious. And the word inferiority, according to google, is the condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others.

So, lately, I’ve been thinking my accomplishments. Every year I have this “project” that I should finish – be it small or big, for myself or for my dad or for the house. Let me share them with you.

  1. 2011 – Graduated Cum Laude. Thanks to the department I belong to, I was able to go to Cebu, my first plane ride, on my first month. Also, I was able to buy a fridge for the house.
  2. 2012 – I was able to go to Hong Kong, my first out of the country trip. Brother’s wedding.
  3. 2013 – Thanks to one of the boss of the firm, I was able to go to Bacolod. Family summer outing at Singapore and Malaysia.
  4. 2014 – Family summer outing at Hong Kong. I was able to buy Macbook Pro.
  5. 2015 – I was able to go to CDO. I acquired by first ever iPhone (Blackberry user here). Family summer outing at Ilocos. Singapore trip with my office loves.

Thinking about the list, I didn’t accomplish much, comparing it to my peers – my accomplishments are nothing to them. Yes, you’ll ask why compare your accomplishments to them? Maybe this is still part of the quarter life crisis people are talking about. And yes, I feel inferior comparing their accomplishments to mine. Don’t get me wrong guys, its just frustrating. Like what I said to my blog post ON ME. National Issue I tend to be inferior to other people and yes, I am allowing it to happen. Why? I actually don’t know.

In one way or another, the people around us will make us inferior without them knowing it. Its just up to us on how to cope up on these instances and how we’ll rise to face that feeling of being inferior.

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