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Its Sunday and I just finished watching the DLSU vs. ADMU volleyball game. So sad that DLSU lost to ADMU making them the number 2 team after the first round of eliminations; anyway I know they’ll bounce back during the second round of eliminations.

Anyway, I’m back in my blogging habit, this time lets review a Japanese restaurant in Cagayan de Oro (CGY), my first travel for 2015 and my first time in Mindanao.  And yes, I was in CGY last Wednesday, 7 January 2015, for work. We have this award called Developmental Social Enterprise Awards (DSEA) and we are in the haunt for the “best” social enterprise in the Philippines. And one was nominated from CGY and we had to fly to CGY and conduct an interview, with video, and site visit of their office. I was not only, I only “video-d” the interview, I was with a colleague. The day was packed – from Laguindingan International Airport we had our quick breakfast then straight to the office in Iligan, which was approximately 1.5 hours of drive – without traffic. The interview started at a little past 9am, and ended at around 1130am. After the interview we went to one of their site in Lanao, which was approximately 1.5 hours of drive – without traffic. Just imagine how long the drive was and how far the office was to the site. We arrived at the site we asked some questions and checked the area. After that they served us lunch. After lunch we went back to the office. Little more questions then they drove us to out hotel in CGY, which was approximately 3 hours of drive – (yes) without traffic. We arrived at our hotel around 730, checked-in, freshen up then we went out to look for a place where we can eat out dinner.

To make the long story short, we found this “authentic” Japanese restaurant – Ramen Tei, I’m not sure if they have a branch here in MNL, but I haven’t heard of it, so I’m guessing they don’t. We decided to eat ramen that night, the regular sized one – good for two, yes we were that hungry. I decided to order their Chicken Ramen.

Update: There’s Ramen Tei in Ortigas, this is the reason why I don’t know there’s one – I don’t go to Ortigas.

The location

Their restaurant is located at Rosario Crescent, Cagayan de Oro, just outside Limketkai Center and beside Krisy Kreme, which is a good thing because it will be easier to locate and they can open and close whatever time they want to – wasn’t able to check what time to open and close.

I’d give the location a 5/5.

The food

They do offer a wide array of Japanese food, they also have the budget friendly meal good for people who wants to eat “sumptuously” but within the budget. Like what I previously mentioned, I ordered their Chicken Ramen.

Chicken Ramen

Chicken Ramen

Nothing fancy actually, the soup is blah. Its just like any other soup you can order at a fast food chain, its Chicken broth cubes boiled in water, thats the taste; its very oily (please see photo) and forgettable. The chicken strips, vegetables and others are okay. Nothing fancy really. For the price of PHP250, I didn’t get the worth of my money.

I’d give the food 2/5.

The experience

Though, their service is quite fast I was not really impressed. I mean, they are saying that they are “authentic” and after my first bite of the ramen I ordered, it was a major disaster.

I’d give the experience 2.5/5

The price

It was not worth-it, after tasting the ramen, it was over-priced.

I’d give the price 1/5.


Just to share, I’m not really a fan of Japanese cuisine before, but through some miracle I’ve become a fan of Jap. From time to time, I’m craving for sashimi and sushi. And Ramen Tei was a let down to my palette.


Will I recommend others to try this place? No.

Will I be back here? Maybe no, since its in CGY. 

Overall, I’d give Ramen Tei a 1.5/5

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IN MY OPINION. Heaven & Eggs

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December 29, 2014: Triple Threat’s (TT) first ever Brunch, yes. We usually go for Lunch or Dinner, this time we had to go for Brunch. Ema has a boxing date at 2pm and Rosh has a family late lunch, as for me I have to finish my Holiday shopping and I have a movie date at 330pm.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat

So anyway, for the first ever brunch of TT I’ve suggested to have it at Heaven and Eggs (H&E). And yes, I haven’t tried this restaurant and its been there for the longest time.

The location

It is located at Ground Floor, Glorietta 4 (G4), Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City.

Their location has its positive and and negative side. For the negative, like Tenka (see previous post here), their location is quite off – its outside the mall, which means you won’t be able to see, pass by or even think of their restaurant, its secluded from the other restaurants inside the mall, not unless of course if you plan your meal here before hand. For the positive side, its open from 7am and it has its own door so people can actually eat their breakfast here without waiting for the mall to open. Also, you’ll be able to see this once you get off your car or cab because its fronting the drop off point of G4.

Once inside the its warm but for me, its not that cozy. The use of the space inside is kind of tight, they placed tables everywhere. I also noticed that they have a closed area for, I think, 15-20 pax – which for me is a nice idea, people can host brunch parties here.

I’d give the location 2.5/5.

The food

H&E serves breakfast all day, its something different in the Ayala compound, I mean there are others but in The Fort area in Katipunan area, H&E kind of “monopolised” the area. The taste was awesome, I mean, I loved my Fried Chicken Fillet with Java Rice, the chicken was moist and the gravy was good, the rice was just good, it reminded me of Aristocrat’s java rice. Rosh had Two Eggs any Style, I tasted the Bacon and the Breakfast Sausage and it was awesome. The bacon was crispy and the sausage have this spicy kick on it. Ema made me try her Roast Beef Platter, the beef was tender and it was cooked to perfection. Then we all had Oreo Pancakes, nothing really fancy here, I was expecting more, actually, they just added Oreo bits in the pancake mixture that’s it, I thought the whole pancake would be made out Oreo.


Oreo Pancakes

Oreo Pancakes

Fried Chicken Fillet

Fried Chicken Fillet

Two Eggs any Style

Two Eggs any Style

Roast Beef Platter

Roast Beef Platter

I’d give the food 5/5.

The experience

I think there is the part where H&E will fail. Let me go through with my experience when I entered the place.

There’s no host/hostess outside to assist the customers. So when I entered the place I didn’t know where to go, I mean yeah there are tables but its not yet clean, which is a turn off, of course. They have wifi connection but its limited to a certain number of people, this is the reason why I wasn’t able to connect to their wifi. Their service is kind of slow, whenever we ask for water, it would take them at least 5 minutes to give us the water. They are lack in manpower, I mean its the busiest time of the day, for their kind of restaurant, and they are lacking manpower. Lastly, Rosh, found a hair on one of the Oreo Pancakes – major turnoff.

I’d rate the experience 1/5.

The price

For a total of PHP1200 for the three of us, I believe it is over-priced, and we certainly didn’t expect it.


Will I recommend others to try this place? Undecided.

Will I be back here? Maybe.

Overall, I’d give Heaven & Eggs a 2.5/5

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December 27, 2014: TBC’s annual Christmas get-together. Sadly, one of my friends couldn’t make it because of a family reunion. But TBC had to push-through with the lunch, plus, I made reservation in Tenka – sayang naman the reservation if we’ll cancel.



And here I am, again, trying my very best to write a review on the new restaurant I’ve tried, plus the restaurant is relatively new – it just opened during the late part of the year.

The Location

It is situated in 2nd floor, Glorietta 4 (G4), East Drive, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Although, its in G4, I mean this is supposedly the part where a lot of people to go to – the cinemas, timezone, and food court are here and when coming from the parking of G4 you can pass by the restaurant – their location is quite “off the location”. When you’re inside the mall already you won’t be able to see, pass by or even think of their restaurant, its secluded from the other restaurants inside the mall.

Once inside, its actually cozy and warm. You’ll feel the “high-end” vibe type of restaurant but you won’t be intimidated by it, and its very casual. Kudos to the architect/s of the restaurant for combining the “high-end” vibe and the casual vibe of the place. Plus, the place is very spacious – considering the fact that the place is “served buffet”. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the place can hold up to at least 80pax.

I’d give the location 2.5/5.

The food

Well, its Shabu-Shabu so you’ll have to cook the fresh meat/seafood/vegetables and others you’ll order. Their menu selection is quite big compared to other Shabu-Shabu I’ve tried. Did I mention that this restaurant offers “served buffet”, except for the salad and the dessert, they have a separate buffet table for these two? Yes, you’ll have the menu on your table and you can just call the servers and order what ever you want.

Before you order the meat/seafood/vegetable and others, you have to choose the two soup you’ll be having. We had the Japanese Spicy and Japanese Miso – one spicy and kind of sweet, just to counter the spiciness of the other. And the server will ask for your side order, the side order is free per person. The menu for the side order is basically cold cuts, and tempura – we had salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi and tempura. Its sad though, you can’t have additional order of the side order, we were willing to pay additional for this, but they don’t do it.

Tuna Sashimi

Tuna Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi



While waiting for the soup and the side order, you can get salad/fruits on the buffet table. The salad buffet table is quite disappointing, though. The selection is limited, plus, I was surprised when I asked one of the servers what is this one thing there, he said – kimchi. I mean the place is a Japanese restaurant then they are serving kimchi. I’m not sure if they meant it that way or is it supposedly for the salad – to add spice? If it is so, I just hope that the server said it to me.



Here’s our two soup.

Japanese Spicy and Japanese Miso

Japanese Spicy and Japanese Miso

We had lamb, beef slices, ramen noodles, egg noodles, fish fillet, chicken strips, vegetable dumpling, shrimp wanton and list just goes on and on.

Their dessert table it limited to mini cakes and ice cream. We had ice cream, I had 4 servings of it. They had ube, mango, cheese, green tea, sesame seed, mocha. And their ice cream was just divine. We loved it. I personally loved their mocha. I’m not sure if they made this or they ordered it, what ever it is, it was just yummy!

First of Four servings

First of Four servings

I’d give the food 4/5.

The experience

I’m torn if I liked it or not. The ambiance is commendable. But their service is quite bad. I ordered for mussels and oysters but it never reached our table – I’d like to think this is a blessing in disguise because I might have an upset stomach, but I wanted to try their mussels and oysters. Also, they are lacking manpower in the floor, I mean they are serving buffet and the number of their servers doesn’t compensate the number of their customers. We had to raise our hands at least three times before someone can actually acknowledge us.

One more thing, they didn’t have wifi connection, which I think is one of the things people are looking for in a restaurant. I mean not all can have mobile data, plus with the new plan of the mobile carriers here in the Philippines, I think one would really appreciate a wifi connection on a restaurant.

I’d give the experience 3/5.

The price

For the price of PHP550 for lunch from Monday-Saturday, it is reasonable enough for one to try this restaurant; and just like any other buffet restaurants in the metro, the price will depend on the time and day you’ll dine in.

I’d give the price a 4/5.


Will I recommend others to try this place? Yes.

Will I be back here? Definitely.

Overall, I’d give Tenka Japanese Shabu Shabu a 3.5/5


For more information on Tenka Japanese Shabu Shabu you may visit their Facebook fan page

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November 15, 2014: Mom’s 5th death anniversary. Aunt’s Birthday celebration.

Early part of the morning was a breeze: mass, light breakfast, some cleaning chores, shower, then we went to MOA for my aunt’s birthday treat which was supposedly at Yakimix. Good thing they didn’t give us table for 16, we were able to try out La Fiesta at SM by the Bay.

So okay, let me start with the location. It has its advantages and disadvantages. For the advantages, its outside the mall so it has its own parking; it has its own building so their seating capacity is bigger than that of the ones within the mall. For the disadvantages, if you’re coming in from the mall, you have to walk to the walkway, go down from it and endure the heat (if you’re eating lunch there) because you’ll be walking under the heat of the sun, and yes, there’s no shade available.

The food

I started my meal with Japanese food. Tuna and salmon sashimi: my favorite, Chicken Karrage, sushi rolls and (they call it) special tofu. It was good, I must say plus they have a wide selection of Japanese food.

La Fiesta_Jap

Plate #1

Next to the Jap plate, I had some Seafood and Corn Soup, sorry no photo available. It was so-so, I wasn’t able to taste the Seafood-ness of it. Maybe a little more of the seafood, then it would have been great.

After the soup, I had Arroz Caldo, Chicharon Bulaklak, Chicken Skin and Potato Strips. I have to recommend the Arroz Caldo, it was awesome! They’ll give it to you in a small pot complete with everything, you might want to add a little more of the toasted garlic to have a right amount of crunchiness in it. Nothing fancy in the Chicharon Bulaklak, you can just buy it outside because it tastes the same – this goes as well for the chicken skin. For the potato strips, it was a little hard and dry – yeah, its overcooked.

Plate #2

Plate #2

After, I had some Native Chicken Tinola, Buttered Chicken, Fried Chicken and Spicy Salmon, and some Adobo Fried Rice. And yes, I don’t eat much pork and beef so I had to get chicken and fish. Good thing, they have a wide array of chicken and fish dishes. In this batch, I’d recommend the Buttered Chicken. It was something new, for me at least, although it was too buttery, good thing there’s the Adobo Fried Rice to contrast the buttery-ness of the Chicken. The Spicy Salmon was too spicy, I was thinking that it would just have a kick of spicyness in it. The Fried Chicken is just the normal chicken. I was a bit disappointed in the Native Chicken Tinola. I was expecting more of the native-ness of it but I didn’t it was just the same tinola my dad cooks back home.

Plate #3

Plate #3

Then, I ordered Chicken Steak, and I had 2 of it. The first one I ordered was slow so I had to re-order, when I came back the first order I had was there in our table then after 3 minutes, the second order is coming. It was good, actually. The thing that turned my off was my second steak, it was RAW. So I didn’t eat it.

Plate #4

Plate #4

Then I had my dessert, ice cream and crepe. For the ice cream, they are serving Nestle, so nothing fancy. The crepe was OK, just the plain crepe.

Plate #5

Plate #5

The experience

Food service was slow. I ordered for the chicken steak, I had to re-order because it was slow, then I all know, I have to steaks seating in our table. I also order Chicken Sisig, but it never reached our table.

The ambiance was commendable. When we arrived there’s a live band performing and they are accepting requests. After the band, dancers graced the stage and danced native dance routines from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The price

For the price of PHP839 for adults during Sundays, it was reasonable enough for one to try this place out; and just like any other buffet restaurants in the metro, the price will depend on the time and date you’ll dine in. One thing that I loved about this place is that if its your birthday, you get to eat for free for the next 7 days! One thing that I won’t expect from a buffet restaurant.

One set back of La Fiesta, for me, is its name, its name is La Fiesta Filipino cuisine, so one will expect that the cuisine is all-filipino, but it also, offered other cuisine. I just hoped that they omit the Filipino cuisine part.

Overall, I’d rate La Fiesta 4 out of 5.

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IN MY OPINION. Italianni’s

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If you have read my previous post, this probably somehow is related to that. I had dinner date with Mia, my high school friend, and yes, we have been spending and talking a lot of time lately. Just like when we were in our sophomore year. Anyway, going back to the main topic of this blog post.

We ate at Italianni’s in Glorietta 2, with Jec as our server. Its been months, or I think a year, since I last ate here, and I’ve missed it.

Unlike the other bistro restaurants, Italianni’s serves some kind of an appetizer – bread which you dip in this mixture of oil and some kind of soy sauce – and yes I don’t know their names.

We ordered Sicilian Chicken for our appetizer. It comes with chicken breast, crispy romaine, mangoes, red grapes and walnuts tossed in a creamy anchovy dressing. For me this is their best seller and it is the only salad with fruits in it. The price of the regular size is at around PHP495 while the size for sharing is around PHP650.

Sicilian Chicken

Sicilian Chicken

Mia ordered Chicken Milanese, I believe they’ve added this in their menu. It comes with grilled chicken breasts topped with tomato balsamic relish served in spinach gorgonzola cream sauce. Wasn’t able to taste it, but according to Mia it was good. So I guess I have to go back and try this one. The price is at around PHP535 and I believe the serving size can be shared by two.

Chicken Milanese

Chicken Milanese

I ordered Tuffle Chicken and Mushroom. It comes with fettucinne pasta with black truffle cream sauce topped with grilled chicken. The sauce is not that heavy and its actually good and its not forgettable. The price is at around PHP495 and it can be shared by two.

Tuffle Chicken and Mushroom

Tuffle Chicken and Mushroom

And I ordered Carbonara Classico as to go for my dad. It comes with fetuccine with button mushrooms and smoked bacon in a parmesan cream sauce. Nothing really fancy, for me. Its just plain old carbonara, the price is at around PHP350 and it can be shared by two. *No photo available*

The food is kind of pricey but the size is big enough for two people to share one en tree; it is around PHP300-500 per person, but it was worth it.

Our total bill was almost PHP1,900 but with the powers and the full utilisation of the Bistro Premiere Card (will tell you more about this on the latter part of this blog post), our bill was lessen to around PHP1,520. This includes the VAT and the service charge.

The place was a bit small compared to the branch in Greenbelt, but it was spacious enough for the server to move, though there are tendencies that the server might hit you, of course, unintentionally, due to space constraints.

The ambiance was OK for two to four people to talk and the air conditioning was OK.

The service was so-so. There’s one incident that Jec asked us if we want more bread, we said yes. But it took I think more than 10 minutes for her to serve the bread. And we had to ask, again, from the manager for the bread. Though, he explained that the bread is still in the over, which means its freshly baked, the downfall is Jec didn’t inform us that they are still baking the bread. One more incident when I asked to house water it took them probably more then 3 minutes for them to serve the water. For dinner time, their service was kind of poor, I guess maybe there were only 3 server add 1 manager and 1 hostess in the floor that made their service poor, maybe they didn’t expect the volume of customer for the night? But they have to be prepared always, right? What if the night was jam-packed and with their so-so service, they might not get additional tips.

Overall, I’d rate my dining experience with Italianni’s Glorietta 2, 3.5 stars out of 5.

The Bistro Premiere Card 

Bistro Premiere Card

Bistro Premiere Card

If you’re a foodie and you love dining out, you’ll love this card by the Bistro Group, its basically a discount card worth PHP2,500, and its valid for a year.
It’s One Premiere Card with 11 great concepts (as the Bistro Group says it):

  1. 30% OFF your bill every Monday
  2. 20% OFF your bill from Tuesday to Sunday
  3. 25% OFF Birthday voucher on your birth month
  4. Ten PHP250 Gift vouchers
  5. And a complimentary single serving of regular coffee or hot tea with every purchase — I believe you can also go for the bottomless Iced Tea here (not sure though, just double check with them)

The Bistro Premiere Card can be used in any branch of the following restaurants:

  1. T.G.I. Fridays
  2. Italianni’s
  3. Fish & Co.
  4. FlapJacks
  5. Krazy Garlik
  6. Bulgogi Brothers
  7. Village Tavern
  8. Watami
  9. Modern Shanghai
  10. Tonkatsu
  11. Siklab

* Disclaimer: This is my first time ever to write a food/restaurant review, so please excuse the lack of knowledge in writing one. But I enjoyed writing this, will definitely write more. *

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IN MY OPINION. The Fault in Our Stars

by on Jun.09, 2014, under In My Opinion

The movie started OK; introduced the characters, setting and a little bit of the problem. Then Hazel met Gus and everything else follows.

My initial reaction after the movie: it wasn’t as whoa as the book. As much as I don’t want to compare the book and movie because of different creative outlet, I just wish that John Green was part of the production, he could have been part of the screenplay team (I checked IMDB.com and he was not there besides that he wrote the book).

There were some parts that I felt sleepy and draggy this could have been avoided if they took these scenes out, for me, it was not that relevant to the story and they could have focused on the story and the relationship of Hazel to her mom, to Gus, and the part wherein they met Van Houten.

Yes, the key parts are there. The lietral heart of Jesus; Hazel meeting Gus; the dates; Always; Hazel experiencing an attack; Okay; Amsterdam; the sex; Gus experiencing an attack. But the story of the whole movie wasn’t enough, I didn’t feel it. They could have pushed it a little further. Hazel’s pain, though it was portrayed very shortly, was not enough. And it was very much stated in the book and movie, that pain demands to be felt.

Overall,  I’d give it a 6/10.

Useful tip: if you haven’t read the book and you’re planning to watch it. Don’t read the book yet. Read it after watching it.

The views expressed here is intended to express the writer’s feelings and for informational purposes only. The said views does not — in any form — is intended to harm anyone. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.

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IN MY OPINION. The Mistress

by on Sep.18, 2012, under In My Opinion

IN MY OPINION. No harm intended.

A glimpse of what’s in-store for future viewers.

Warning: Spoiler alert

Just finished watching “The Mistress” the movie was okay for me, after graduating Multimedia Arts, I get to know not only the story of the movie but also the technicals.

The Technicals

There were some glitches here and there, I’m not sure if this was because of the movie house I watched into to. There were scenes that were cut.
There’s this one scene that JD (John Lloyd Cruz) was opening to Sari (Bea Alonzo) and the focus point of the camera was in Sari, I think that they were trying to let the audience see what would Sari’s reaction be after hearing the story of JD; but for me, it wasn’t successful. Sari didn’t have any reaction, her face was blank.

The Story

If one was able to watch the trailer — in which I think that almost all of the people who watch the movie was able to see the trailer — and after watching the first few scenes of the movie, the story was a total giveaway, they immediately revealed that The Benefactor (Ronaldo Valdez) is the father of The Lover — total giveaway. Nawala na yung thrill ng movie, tho I know somehow the story because of my friend, I didn’t think that they would reveal it at the first part of the story.

Also, the story was a little bit of a cliche, I mean if you would look at it in a 3-character story, the benefactor is old — it means, that sometime soon, he would die; the wife (Hilda Koronel) slept with another man and had a child, which provoked the benefactor to do such things; the mistress owes the benefactor the life of her lola, in return he would rather be a mistress because she’s poor. The production team just added a new character — the lover (the son of the wife in another man), to make things a little complicated. But if one would really understand and feel the story, its a cliche.

The story wasn’t realistic, in some parts. There’s this one scene, where JD and Bryan were crossing the street, not in a pedestrian lane and in a non-crossing street, and the drivers were very patient. Seriously, do that in real life, the drivers are going to kill you.

They didn’t follow the norm that ‘Love Conquers All’, which I think is okay. Because it only happens in a perfect world.

The movie was PG-13, I think it should have been PG-16 (if there’s such), sexual intercourse were involved, although they showed it artistically, but there’s this one scene that Sari was acting like a slut. I think a 13-year-old girl would be confused on what she was doing.

The movie was about 2 hours. It started 6.40pm and ended around 8.40pm.
Anyway, having said all these, I would rate the movie 3/5.


Here’s another review: http://backtothefryingpan.wordpress.com/2012/09/13/review-the-mistress/


Update 18 September 2012:

The Lesson

When I was having my lunch with a colleague, she asked (after sharing my thoughts on the movie), what was the lesson of the movie? Immediately, I thought, what was the lesson of the movie? And my mind was blank, I couldn’t think of what lesson the movie told. What did the movie wanted to convey?
If they wanted to convey, that we shouldn’t be a mistress or a male mistress, well that’s a given.
If they wanted to convey, that we should fight for who we love, then they failed; because in the end, The Benefactor died; Sari and JD didn’t end up together.

One question still bothers me tho, what did they want to convey? Yeah, it was a tear-jerker movie, but it must not stop there, they have to convey a message right?


The views expressed here is intended to express the writer’s feelings and for informational purposes only. The said views does not — in any form — is intended to harm anyone. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.
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ON PHILIPPINES. Philippine Treasure

by on Sep.12, 2011, under In My Opinion, Philippines, TV Shows

Last night, September 11, 2011 at around 10:30PM, GMA News and Public Affairs had a documentary about the Philippine Treasure and yes, I watched it.

While I was watching the documentary, I felt a lot of emotions. I was happy, sad, excited, worried.

Happy, I get to see what our ancestors have done and it shows that before any Philippine Invasion, are ancestors have the knowledge of carving, weaving, molding, etc. And that the Philippines was a force yet to be acknowledged. And I get to see the “family-heirloom” of the Philippines.

Sad, because some of the treasures are broken(but hey, they are in the custody of the Philippine Government), some of them are missing, some are not in the custody of the Philippine Government. And most especially, we (the Filipino People) won’t be able to continue our ancestors’ legacy, the “family-heirloom” will not be passed onto the next generation.

Excited and worried at the same time what will happen next? Will the experts be able to combine the broken treasures? Will they able to make it as if nothing has happened? Will the Philippine Government have the custody of the two treasures that are now at Chicago? Will the generation now, be able to pass on the “family-heirloom”? These questions keep running into my mind.

As said on the documentary, 500,000 people ONLY visit the Philippine National Museum, and that includes the foreigner. I mean cmon, we don’t we visit our National Museum BUT we want to visit other country’s museum, sad. If we think we know all our history, well, THINK AGAIN. From the Maitum Jars to the Golden Tara to the burial ceremony. We have tons to learn about our colorful history. This is why, I want all of my readers/followers, to please visit the Philippine National Museum, surely  you won’t regret it. :)


To read more about it, here are two links.

Click Here 1

Click Here 2


Good Afternoon, Philippines.

Good Day, World.


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