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With 26.8 million visitors on 2108, Malaysia is the 12th most visited country in the world and the third most visited country in Asia, according to govisity.com. Known for the Petronas Twin Towers, Langkawi, Mulu Caves, and more. I know I have to go to all of these places. But with 4D3N of stay, its impossible to visit all of these tourist destinations. But to visit at least one is a check on the bucket list.

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Fashion Random Thought

For the few past years, I’ve ridden the bandwagon of creating a list of New Year’s Resolution, only to break them after the first quarter of the year. Why, I ask myself. According to Ang Pinaka here are the Top 10 Classic New Year’s Resolution:10. Spend more ‘alone’ time/me time9. Spend more time with family8. Procrastinate less7. Eat healthier6. Save […]

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