Whats's wrong with CD's MP3's and the whole digital whatever? Absolutely nothing! I am not here to defend the merits and demerits of vinyl records versus CD's and vice versa or whichever is better or worst. All are just formats (I could here audiophiles screaming!!) to deliver the message... and that message is music and it should be and must be appreciated in all it's form.
There is nothing more simpler (for me) than friends getting together and having a 'feel' of the old vinyl records, waiting their turn to spin on a very old and vintage equipment, some old technics turntable and simply having a cold beer on hand. Come to the gallery every Tuesday and Thursday nights to hear some of the best and hottest sound there is. It has nothing to do with technology... It is after all, ALL ABOUT MUSIC.as one of my fav groups of all time would say SPIN THAT BLACK THING
Jan 10 - All Vinyl Night with DJ Mark Zero
One Man Photography and Performance Art By: Rafael 'Boy' Gozum