Sapanhila-Aldea Dental Clinic is a full-service dental clinic that offers basic and specialized dental services. It is home to many regular patients.

Sapanhila-Aldea Dental Clinic was founded by Angelina S. De Ocampo, in 1960, as a business move. Through that move, it established a name to many people in and out the vicinity of Parañaque. With different patient and different cases, Sapanhila-Aldea Dental Clinic is very proud to say that no one has ever left the dental clinic frowning or unsatisfied.

Certainly, Sapanhila-Aldea has established its name for Creating Perfect Smiles.


Human beings have four kinds of teeth. The incisors are for slicing and cutting food. The canines for tearing. The premolars and molars for grinding and crushing food for swallowing.