With almost of 50 years in the industry, Sapanhila-Aldea Dental Clinic has established a name in Parañaque, and attracted people to have their dental cosmetic surgery done here.

Sapanhila-Aldea Dental Clinic was established because, way back in 1960, there was only one dental clinic in the whole vicinity of Rizal (now known as Parañaque). It was but right for Angelina S. De Ocampo, the founder of the clinic, to start a new dental clinic.

Up to the present, it is still running through the hands of Gaylyn Marie Sapanhila-Aldea.

Although there is non-stop transformation of technology, Sapanhila-Aldea Dental Clinic has stood through time with their facilities; 2 Dental Chairs, 1 X-ray, Automated Endodontic Machine, Sterilizers, Electrosurgery Machine, 2 Lightcuring Units, 2 Piezo Scaling Unit, and the Dental Laboratory.